I couldn't wait to tell you. Listened to your download last night and this morning and enjoyed my flight. I was calm and relaxed the entire time, even in moderate turbulence. Again, thank you for being an instrument of change and improving my quality of life.

Danielle T

March 2018

Thank you hazel. I truly enjoy my visits with you! With your help I am making some positive changes and I couldn't have a better coach. I feel better about who I am and where I am headed. Thanks again.

Demi S

January 2018

Weight Loss

When I started working with you my AC1 was 7.1. Last week's test reported in at 6.4. Now my goal is 6. Love the CD you provided on the most recent visit. Thanks for your continuing support.

Sandy V.

Raymond, WA

It's been thirty days and I have released 30 lbs. The GmBand program is fabulous. Half of me is amazed, the other half of me says "just as planned."

Christine G.


I am doing great - weight is staying off at around 90 lbs. I'm feeling positive about where I'm at, and I feel as if so many opportunities have opened up as a result of this new-found freedom. I've been using the CDs you made for me, which are great reinforcement.

Amber P.

Olympia, WA.

All is well here in Portland. I wanted to share today's happening. At your office I think I was 366. Well, I had a hiccup or two along the way but as of today I'm at 249! Now I'm off to somewhere between 220 and 230. My trainer thinks I can maintain that easily with my new mindset. I'm super excited and I wanted to thank you for kicking the ball rolling and getting my mind on the right track.

Jason M.

Portland, OR.

I just wanted to send out an email about my progress. I am down 14 pounds in 11 days. WOW!! The coolest part is I do not feel like I have done anything. 1/28/2012 - 46 lbs down now! I have reduced 46 pounds!! AMAZING!! There are still days that I probably indulge more than I should, but I don't let that bother me in the least. The sun comes up on a brand new day every 24 hours, incredible huh!!

Judy J.


I just have to tell you how phenomenal I feel today! I have energy, motivation, I feel GREAT! I am so looking forward to what the future brings but am also so very impressed and HAPPY with the results after just ONE day! I had a couple rough spots of stress and I did the stress relief technique that you taught me and it really made a difference! Also, I found when I ate I slowed down and really thought "Dude, you don't need to eat so fast" and I slowed down!

AND, I was able to assertively tell my boss that a process map I'm working on would not be presented until next week when I knew it was completed; didn't want to waste my time showing a mapping process that would just be edited and obsolete! AND, I didn't even 'worry' or stress about it :)

Thank you a zillion times! I talked to my daughter too and hoping she can come in for this wonderful self-motivating experience :)

Danielle P, Rochester

July 24, 2017


Dear Hazel: Over a year ago I sat in your office with little expectations but a lot of hope. In my mind you put me on a park bench promising my daughter I would never smoke again. The hypnosis experience was more emotional than I ever expected it would be. I have not smoked since February 15, 2017! Thank you for changing my life.

Kim P

March 2018

As I write this I am breathing in the smell of a brand, new, positive start in my new home. and I could only think to say THANK YOU! I have stopped smoking and I feel euphoric and at peace all at once. You've been such a gift to me. My most sincere thanks!

Mariah C.

Tenino, WA.

Not smoking, don't want to, don't have to. I'm a believer.

A1 R.

Olympia, WA.

Hazel, Today is 4 weeks since I've seen you and since I had my last cigarette. I've listened to the follow up CD and I went in the sauna everyday for the first week, which I believed helped rid my body of the nicotine. Three days after I saw you I was let go from my job, if I didn't smoke due to that stress, I likely will never smoke again. Thank you so much for helping me with this! My husband and children are so proud and even I can't believe I'm doing it!!

Stacy S

October 11, 2017

Stress and Anxiety

Hazel, I want to thank you for all the work you did with me for my stress and anxiety. Your life coaching, compassion and understanding were so comforting and reassuring to me during a very difficult time in in my life.

Jane E.

San Diego, CA.

I'm calling to let you know that after my second session I overcame my fear of going to sleep. I know it was your help and I thank you enormously.

Gary P.

Hoquaim, WA.

I've got my power back! I'm sitting in the airport, Hazel, going over this extraordinary weekend. Sometimes you have an experience and meet someone who changes your life. You are that someone in my life. Thank you.

Alice M.

Santa Barbara, CA.

Fear of Driving

Hazel: Just wanted to let you know that our session was a success! I was able to drive a 3.5 hour trip without any panic! I was calm, confident and found the trip to be very enjoyable. Thank you for giving me my freedom back!

Carol H.

Forks, WA.

From a client’s daughter to her.

Mom: "I listened to Hazel's CD again this morning and realized that I must have fallen asleep most times before, because I had forgotten that some of the suggestions she gave were exactly what the doctor commented on after surgery: Took very little sedative; little blood loss; my blood pressure was excellent. I know the surgery went very well because of her hypnosis and I am healing very quickly."

Melody L.


Results vary from client to client and are not guaranteed.